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What is thermoelectric modules ?

Interesting Stories II About Thermoelectricity

NO.1  Boom in thermoelectric element occurred every  20-25years

NO.2  Surprisingly a lot of developments in the past. How many products are still alive?

NO.3 The TE refrigerator revived as the wine cellar 40 years later

NO.4 The sole solution to realize is thermoelectric coolers.

NO.5 Chilly! Burning! Chilly! Burning!

Interesting Stories About Thermoelectricity

NO.3 	It has begun with a camp fire !  -Application of thermoelectricity to electric generation.

NO.4 	Thermoelectric Air Conditioner  -50 years Dream

NO.5  Thermoelectric generator : the  hero of planet exploration

NO.6  Don?ft underestimate Thermal Resistance

NO.7  How thin the thermoelectric module could be?

NO.8  How small the thermoelectric module could be?

NO.9  Application of TEC for electronic devices: Why should they be cooled?
No.1 and No.2, Sorry! English is not available.