Temperature control products

Water / Inert liquids

■ DI-Water Heater (25℃〜85℃)

DI-Water Heater (25℃〜85℃)
A hot water supply system for ultra-pure water that is ideally suited for point-of-use for rinsing of silicon wafers and glass substrates of liquid crystal displays.
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■ Chemical Circulator (15℃〜50℃)

Chemical Circulator (15℃〜50℃)
Direct circulation type chemical isothermal device indispensable for wet process by contamination free in-line type cooling/heating unit.
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■ Chemical Heater (25℃〜80℃)

Chemical Heater (25℃〜80℃)
In-line type chemical heater free from contamination caused by the elution of metal ions.
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■ CS-Heater (50℃〜150℃)

CS-Heater (50℃〜150℃)
A compact indirect in-line heater for chemicals-clean,safe and efficient
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■ Thermoelectric Dehumidifier

Indispensable for dehumidification or for controlling the moisture at a constant level in the gas sampling section of the environmental pollution gas analyzer.
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