Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name KELK Ltd.
Established November,1966
Capital ¥390,000,000
Business Production and sales of thermoelectric modules and various temperature control equipments.
Company Profile

Certification ISO

Obtained ISO9001

Obtained ISO 9001 certification in September 1999

Obtained ISO 9001 certification
in September 1999

Company History

1957 Experimental research into thermoelectric semiconductors began at Komatsu Ltd.
1959 Marketing of thermoelectric cooling applied equipment (Photomul cooling equipment for astronomical telescopes) was begun.
1960 Komatsu Electronics Inc. was established. The research and development division of Komatsu Ltd. became an independent entity to commence production of thermoelectric cooling semiconductor materials and production and sales of cooling Thermo-Panels and its applied equipment.
1963 The COOLNICS Series was developed and preparations for its mass marketing were completed.
1966 Japan Solidate Co,.Ltd. was established. It separated from Komatsu Electronics Inc. and became an independent exclusive manufacturer specialized in electronic refrigeration equipment.
1967 Company name was changed to Komatsu Solidate Co,.Ltd.
1970 Sales of Thermoelectric Isothermal Bath and Zero-Con started.
1971 Sales of Thermoelectric Dehumidifiers for gas analyzers started.
1972 Company name was changed to Komatsu Electronics Inc. It became a 100%-owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd.
1975 Sales of multi-purpose Thermo-Modules started.
1976 Sales of micro Thermo-Modules started.
1982 Construction of the factory was completed.
1983 Sales of the Chemical Circulator series for silicon wafer wet processing stated.
1985 Mass production facilities for multi purpose Thermo-Modules were installed.
1988 Mass production of micro Thermo-Modules using the hot press method started.
1989 Robots for assembly of micro Thermo-Modules were adopted.
1991 Construction of the new factory was completed and part of the production facilities were moved there. Sales of CS-Heaters and Multi-Controllers started.
1992 Sales of DI-Water Heaters started.
1994 The award for our outstanding “Proactively” was presented from Northern Telecom.
1995 Sales of Precise Air Conditioning Units started.
1999 Sales of re-circulating heating and cooling units started. ISO9001 was certified.
2000 ISO14001 was certified. Sales of Coolbit started.
2002 Sales of Mini-TEC started.
2005 Sales of Compact Multi-stage Module started.
2008 Company name was changed to KELK Ltd.